Volunteers provide the brains, muscle and know-how that help us pull this extraordinary event together. We work as team throughout the off-season, building, planning, organizing… then “make” it all happen at the event itself. Whether you are new to the Maker Movement and have never worked on a public event, or you’ve done this many times, we need and want your help! There are opportunities behind the scenes, out in public, and everything in between.

Get behind-the-scenes experience, and help produce the 2020 Albuquerque Mini Maker Faire!


…or contact our volunteer coordinator using the email address below:

volunteers {at} albuquerque-minimakerfaire.com

Join us on a journey to learn about the Maker Movement and use what you learn on site at Maker Faire. Learn new skills. Meet a wide variety of fun people. For no cost but your time, you will be able get behind the scenes with Makers and event-facility crews.

“Makers start with that simple idea to do something, which is why we call it DIY, but soon they find out that there are lots of people like you out there. When you find others, you have a community and that community offers a place to show your work, trade tools and swap ideas, and just have fun. And this isn’t just for some people, or just people who like air cannons.

I believe we are all makers. We can find all kinds of makers in our communities. Yet we also want to help create more makers. Through education and community outreach, we can offer the opportunity to make things to more people, but particularly children. They might find these opportunities at school but also at community centers, summer camps and science centers, or even at home. My goal is that all people, young and old, come to see themselves as makers, creators and doers because I know that the people who have the skills and knowledge to make things have the power to make the world a better place.”

– Dale Dougherty, founder, Make Magazine & Maker Faire