Ez2c3D - Make your own viewer free 3D

Learn how easy it is to make your own 3D videos and pictures without the need of glasses/viewers or special screen.
And learn how easy it is to see with the training viewer that I created and have available for free on thingiverse for 3D printing

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Leo Atreides

Leo Atreides

Leo Atreides is an inventor/creator of the Ez2C3D viewer that helps others learn how to see Free 3D, otherwise known as Cross viewing or (x). Now he teaches others how to make their own videos with any two cameras, most especially gopros as they have software to combine the footage. This can be done with other software but it takes more steps. There is a number of pictures on the internet that others have shared that you can see and Ez2c3D also has created a gallery on facebook of all the events and places we have visited. I hope to one day see a plethora of 3D videos and pictures being made in Free 3D that can be enjoyed by others 50 or 100 years from now.